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Yuneec is a globally recognized drone brand distributed by aeroMind. Yuneec is a company dynamically developing technologies in the field of aviation.

It currently holds 50 patents and employs 1,800 people in 4 divisions around the world, thus being the world's largest company specializing in electric aviation in the broadest sense.

As one of the few manufacturers, Yuneec, in addition to unmanned flying systems, also produces... manned electric aircraft (the company offers the single-seat ESpyder and the two-seat E430). Do you know such companies as Blade, Parkzone, EFlite, Firebird, FirebirdXL? Under their logos are products from Yuneec, highly regarded by modelers around the world. Yuneec is also a world pioneer in the production of professional drones, ready to fly out of the box. The first such device was the Typhoon Q500. In its initial version, it was equipped with a 3-axis gimbal and a camera that recorded in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. It also came with a real-time video transmission system based on 5.8GHz and a 2.4GHz control camera. The Typhoon was warmly received by users. Moving with the times, Yuneec improved the Typhoon in 2015, equipping it with a 4K camera




Yuneec was created through a passion for innovation, creativity and accessibility. We believe in creating a future through technology where everyone can see from the top perspective.


From experience in the RC world, safety is at the core of the use and capabilities of our products. Safety is also provided by users such as the Fire Department, Police and security services. The top view allows us to react quickly in case of an emergency which contributes to the safety of our lives.


Our humble beginnings began as innovation and accessibility in the aviation industry. From the first commercially successful RC aircraft model to groundbreaking electric-powered manned aircraft and drones. Experience in avionics for 15 years.