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Yuneec Academy


Yuneec Academy

Yuneec Academy is a program based on a number of selected UAV/RPAS aviation schools in Poland. They provide future operators with professional practical training carried out on Yuneec drones and theoretical training based on many years of experience among the best Polish instructors.

fYuneec Academy


They are suitable for people who own a Yuneec drone or plan to buy it. The training is carried out on Yuneec's specialized six-rotor platform, a guarantee of safety thanks to the redundancy of 6 engines and an extremely stable flight. The Yuneec Academy project provides courses at all levels, from basic issues, through opportunities for upgrading, to sector workshops such as complex GEO +3D photogrammetric training or SAR missions. The training and, consequently, the acquisition of professional qualifications is related to the UAVO category: VLOS, BVLOS, INS with a TOM < 5 kg take-off weight.



For public institutions and companies, it is possible to organize individual training groups throughout the country, at each level of advancement, together with an individually dedicated sector programme.



School Headquarters Training locations Training courses Service H520 SAR GEO+3D AGRI SMOG Phone no.
Pelixar Gdynia Gdynia VLOS, BVLOS, VLOS+BVLOS, +5kg, INS, sprzęt   V V V V   576915522
Iron Sky Poznań Poznań, Warszawa, Wrocław, Lublin, Olsztyn, Zielona Góra, Gorzów Wlkp, Ostrów Wlkp, Leszno, Piła, Konin, Bygdosz, Iława VLOS, BVLOS, VLOS+BVLOS, sprzęt V V V       519410610
Novelty Gliwice Gliwice, Wrocław, Włocławek, Lublin VLOS, BVLOS, VLOS+BVLOS, INSsprzęt   V V V V   570079200
GEOUAV Łódź Łódź VLOS, BVLOS, VLOS+BVLOS, +5kg, INS, sprzęt   V   V     506937800
IWING Warszawa Warszawa VLOS, BVLOS, sprzęt   V     V V 512848359


Workshops for SAR operations dedicated to the State Fire Service, Volunteer Fire Brigades, WOPR, GOPR, Police and for crisis management centres using the E10T dual thermal and video camera on the Yuneec H520 drone.


Photogrammetric training with the use of Yuneec H520 model for surveyors and construction industry.


Training for the application of drones in the area of precision farming, analysis of the level of vegetation yields and implementation of variable fertilization for the designated area using Parrot Sequoia and MicaSense Rededge multispectral cameras on the Yuneec H520 drone.


Implementation training for Municipal Guards, chemical rescue units and specialized service companies in the field of measuring the composition of air pollution, activities in the area of the Anti-smog Act and detection and diagnosis of toxic substances emissions.



The training is performed on Yuneec's six-rotor MR BSP. Available BSP models are: Typhoon H, Typhoon H Plus, Yuneec H520




At the end of all UAVO VLOS < 5kg training courses, internal examinations are carried out to obtain the UAVO professional certificate of competence issued by the ULC (Civil Aviation Authority). Selected Yuneec Academy schools have the possibility to pass state exams as part of the BVLOS TOM > 5kg and INS training.



Schools working within Yuneec Commercial Partner are equipped with Yuneec H520 drones for industrial applications such as surveying, inspection, search and rescue and precision farming. These schools allow for demonstration and test flights and delivery of equipment for customized customer orders.




Selected Yuneec Academy schools provide repair services for Yuneec drones. Qualified technicians carry out diagnostics and present the material scope of the repair together with a quotation - on this basis the customer decides to order the service. Repairs are carried out with original Yuneec spare parts. Each drone is subject to an after-sales inspection procedure carried out in the form of a flight test.